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Customize the Favicon

In [**Chirpy**](, the image files of [Favicons]( are placed in `assets/img/favicons/`. You may need to replace them with your own. So let's see how to customize these Favicons. Whit a square image (PNG, JPG or GIF) in hand, open the site [*Favicon & App Icon Generator*]( and upload your original image. ![upload-image](/assets/img/sample/upload-image.png) Click button Create Favicon and wait a moment for the website to generate the icons of various sizes automatically. ![download-icons](/assets/img/sample/download-icons.png) Download the generated package, unzip and delete the following two from the extracted files: - browserconfig.xml - manifest.json Now, copy the rest image files (`.PNG` and `.ICO`) to cover the original one in folder `assets/img/favicons/`. Lastly, don't forget to rebuild your site so that the icon becomes your custom edition.
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